Download Christmas Nativity Coloring & Activity Book

Delve into the heartwarming story of the first Christmas with our Christmas Nativity Coloring and Activity Book. This enchanting activity book brings to life the miraculous birth of Jesus through captivating illustrations and a variety of engaging activities such as coloring pages, puzzles, and more. Perfect for children and families looking to celebrate the true spirit of Christmas, this book is a delightful way to learn, reflect, and have fun during the holiday season.

Step back in time to the humble town of Bethlehem, where a miracle was about to unfold. In a simple stable, Mary and Joseph, guided by divine purpose, prepare for the birth of Jesus. While the world outside bustles with activity, inside the stable, a sense of peace and anticipation fills the air.

As you read on, you’ll witness the radiant star in the night sky, guiding shepherds from their fields and wise men from distant lands to witness the birth of the newborn King. Angels announce the joyous news to the shepherds, who journey to the stable. In this miraculous moment, the world welcomes the Savior, born to bring hope, love, and salvation to all.


  • 16 pages of coloring and activities, plus two crafts
  • Stunning illustrations that vividly depict the nativity story
  • Interactive coloring pages, puzzles, and more to engage children and help them connect with the story
  • Suitable for children of all ages, making it perfect for family activities
  • Ideal for Sunday school lessons, Christmas gatherings, and quiet moments of reflection
  • A delightful way to teach children about the significance of Christmas

Celebrate the magic of the first Christmas and the birth of Jesus with the Christmas Coloring and Activity Book. Share this treasured story with your loved ones and create cherished memories during the holiday season. This activity book is not just a fun pastime; it’s an opportunity to learn, remember, and honor the true spirit of Christmas.

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